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That’s my logo and has been the same since I became a free lancer in 1977.  It’s my idea and design. An old friend, Phil Kelly, finished the layout. It has not changed, except for size or color in 32 years.
As the blond looking at a mirror thinking it was a picture commented, “’s me”. I’ve been around a lot longer than my logo. I’ve been recording on one medium or another for several decades and professionally for most of those years.  I have a lot of experience under my belt along with a working knowledge of the current world of DAW’S and DEVA’s.

I’ve recorded over 150,000 radio station id’s and hundreds of albums. I’ve worked on dozens of movies of the week, many features and television series, countless documentaries and training films, and thousands of commercials. What can I say, I like what I do. Whether we have worked together before or I’m a new name in your book, just give me a call and I’ll come play.
Skip Frazee